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Digital LED Colour Analyzer

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The GPS Digital Colour Analyzer allows fast and automatic testing for both the Colour and Brightness (Intensity) of Light Emitting Devices (LEDs).

The GPS Digital Colour Analyzer provides a very economical solution for your LED Testing needs.



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Digital LED Analyzer E
Acrobat Reader PDF GPS3u.5DigitalColourAnalyzeren.pdf (2,1 MB)
Frequently asked Questions
Acrobat Reader PDF FrequentlyAskedQuestions.pdf (41 KB)
GPS Labview Libeay for LED Analyzer
Zipped Format LabviewGPSLEDAnalyser2001.zip (3,0 MB)
LabVIEW Instruction 2018
Acrobat Reader PDF InstructionforLabviewProgramming2Edition... (992 KB)
LED Analyzer Software Version
Zipped Format LEDAnalyserInstall.zip (12,0 MB)
User Manual LED-Analyzer 08.2018
Acrobat Reader PDF UserManualLEDAnalyser11.2018.pdf (2,6 MB)

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