Functional test

Testing for application and requirement

The function test (FCT/FKT) is also called a functional test and is used to test a functional unit for its required area of application. The function test simulates real conditions, tests the core function of a test item and/or the application function of assemblies as a whole or in parts.

FCT test fixture

Get to know our FCT test fixtures

The function test is reliably possible with many of our test fixtures. Our product portfolio in this segment is very diverse and offers different usable areas and customer-specific, internal and external interfaces. Contact forces are variable depending on the model. This is how we guarantee our customers maximum flexibility.

More about FCT

Functional testing is a type of electronic testing that verifies that a product performs its intended functions correctly. It is a critical step in the manufacturing process to ensure that the final product meets the desired performance specifications and quality standards.

FCT is performed on a complete electronic product, rather than individual components or circuits, and typically involves running a series of tests to simulate real-world conditions and scenarios. This can include testing the product's inputs and outputs, verifying its connectivity, verifying its performance under load or stress conditions, and testing its user interface and overall functionality.

FCT testing is performed using our test adapters. The product's operating environment is simulated to provide accurate measurements of performance. Test results are compared against predefined pass/fail criteria to determine if the product meets the required standards. Functional testing is an essential part of the quality control process in electronic manufacturing and helps ensure that products operate reliably, safely and as intended.