Integration into the production line

Integration into a test system for an increased test piece throughput

Integration into a test system for an increased test piece throughput

The modular interchangeable kits for inline test systems are used for contacting electronic assemblies. Tests with high sample throughput and low variance are particularly well suited. Contacting on one side and both sides is just as possible as 2-stage contacting.

The basic structure is identical to the mechanical or pneumatic fixtures from GPS Prüftechnik. The lower part also consists of a probe plate (KTP) and a support plate (PAP). The upper part consists of a moving plate (AP).

They are designed to be easily installed and removed without the need for special tools or skills. They are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different applications and offer maximum flexibility to the customer.


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More about inline test system

An inline test system is an automatic test system that is integrated into a production line to check electronic assemblies or devices for functionality and reliability during manufacturing. It enables fast and reliable quality control during the manufacturing process and reduces the risk of rejects or defective products.

The inline test system consists of a series of test instruments mounted on a special test board. The test board is then integrated into the production line so that electronic assemblies or devices can be tested automatically as they move through the production line.

It can perform different types of tests, depending on production requirements. Examples of tests that an inline test system can perform include functional testing, voltage and current measurements, RF testing, boundary-scan testing, and flash programming. It offers many advantages for electronic device production. It enables fast and accurate inspection of products during the manufacturing process, which can lead to higher product quality and a reduction in scrap. It can also increase production speed by reducing the time spent on manual testing.

Our product solution

The modular interchangeable kits are suitable for Teradyne an Keysight inline test systems and offers the following features

  • Modular interchangeable kits for Teradyne inline test systems
  • Integration into a test system for an increased test piece throughput
  • Compatible with HD and NON-HD interfaces
  • Easy installation possible by one person only
  • Floating top connection
  • Telescopic stay for safe opening
  • Preparation cutout for the integration of an electronic counter
  • Stainless steel reinforcement
  • Floating ID blocks
  • ESD conform