Interference-free testing in the high-frequency range up to 6 GHz

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High-frequency fixtures are used when testing highly sensitive RF assemblies to measure high-frequency signals without interference. Shielding attenuation is achieved in the frequency range up to 6 GHz, with the high-frequency assembly being safely shielded from interfering signals.

RF test fixture

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Our product portfolio in this segment is very diverse and offers different usable areas and customer-specific, internal and external interfaces. Contact forces are variable depending on the model. This is how we guarantee our customers maximum flexibility.

More about RF test fixtures

This special type of test fixture is used for radio frequency (RF) signal testing in electronic circuits and devices. An RF test fixture allows RF signals to be monitored and measured without having to break the circuit. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be designed for different applications such as signal processing, filtering, amplification or antenna matching. They are usually equipped with special RF connectors such as SMA, BNC or N to provide a safe and reliable connection to the circuits.

Some of the common functions of RF test fixtures include measuring RF power, frequency, impedance, noise, and signal quality. They can also be used for RF modulation and demodulation, signal generation and signal analysis.

RF test fixtures are particularly useful in the design and troubleshooting of RF circuits and devices as they allow signal quality and performance parameters to be monitored and measured in real time without affecting the circuit.