Testing large quantities

Available for all common test systems and interfaces

The support with vacuum results in increased ease of use. Larger pressures can easily be built up and thus more test needles can be contacted.


Get to know our vacuum test/interchangeable fixtures

Available for all common test systems and interfaces.

Our product portfolio in this segment is very diverse and offers different usable areas and customer-specific, internal and external interfaces. Contact forces are variable depending on the model. This is how we guarantee our customers maximum flexibility.

More about vacuum fixtures

Vacuum test fixtures are suitable for contacting electronic assemblies with a high test piece throughput and a low number of variants. They are characterized by an extremely long service life. They are used in particular for testing in the ICT and FCT areas. Assembled printed circuit boards are tested under high pressure with regard to function, application and requirements. This is possible on a stand-alone basis as well as on a production line basis (inline). The test specimens are placed on a PAP (support plate) equipped with a seal. So-called pilot pins guarantee precise alignment of the circuit board and rule out incorrect contacting of the test points. A vacuum pump builds up negative pressure and creates a vacuum in the interior, which presses the test object onto the spring contact pins. The seal prevents the supply of air and thus the loss of vacuum.

Our vacuum fixtures are compatible with all interfaces and test systems. These include, among others:

  • Dr. ESCHKE
  • SPEA

Their area of application includes both 1-stage and 2-stage contacting for carrying out ICT/FCT tests. Different sizes, usable areas and tandem versions offer maximum flexibility. Their construction is modular and allows the use of different vacuum hoods. In addition, this applies to all of our vacuum test fixtures:

  • ESD as standard
  • Ergonomic design
  • PAG locking system (plug and guide)
  • Needle plates made of epoxy material
  • Rounded sealing corners

We produce our own seals

Frame, test piece and vacuum connection seals are made by GPS. Years of experience and sophisticated casting technology guarantee the highest quality. The perfect mixture of all materials according to a specially developed recipe is the basis for all our seals. Know-how and the best technology result in customer-specific seals that are not only ESD-compatible and abrasion-resistant, but also guarantee above-average durability.