Vacuum test fixture

The HP-70-4100 is a dual chamber vacuum fixture for Keysight's 3070 test system.

It has a stable design based on an aluminum frame. The robust, maintenance-friendly design with a long service life enables tests with a high test piece throughput. It can be used in a variety of ways, from individual workstation tests to integration into series production (inline).

  •     Contact force: 1500 N and more
  •     External dimensions: 800x460x90 mm
  •     Usable area: 700x380 mm
  •     Weight: 10kg
  •     Parallel stroke: 13 mm
  •     Type of test / application: ICT, FCT

Dual chamber fixture for the 3070 test system
Interface: HP 3070
Test system Keysight (formerly Agilent)
GP version: Probe plate made of 15mm thick glass fiber material
PAG locking system
Rounded sealing corners
ESD compatible plate material
Suitable for 1-level and 2-level contacting

Matching vacuum/vacuum swivel covers available separately

  • VH-101

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